Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pillow Talk...

The following is the actual conversation shared between mother and daughter while lying in bed...

A -  "Mommy, where is God?"

B (Really!! Are you serious? You're three and we are having the God talk? How am I suppose to know  where God really lives...) - "God lives in Heaven"

A - "Mommy, where is Heaven?"

B (Gee, where is Heaven...) - "Heaven is way up in the sky, past the clouds."

A - "God lives in the clouds!?!? Can we go there and visit?"

B - "No, we only go there to visit after we die." (Am I going to have to explain what it is to die? I should have been more selective with my words!!!)

A - "No. We can visit. When we go can I wear my Ariel pyjamas?"

B - "Ummm...sure...I am sure God would love your Ariel jamas."

A - "No. I don't think so. I think God likes Snow White. That is his favorite princess. I will have to wear those."

Man. Kids have tough questions...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Arrrggghhhh Matey!

Nope, not Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. Our little princess had to be a pirate. Actually she insisted on it. Nothing else would do.
She was so excited when we came across this great costume and had to try it on each day leading up to  Halloween! Then she discovered that pirates had parrots. Well, the search was on this little scoundrel's attire would not be complete without the pet on her shoulder!!
She had a blast going door to door asking the neighbours for "booty".

Bath Time with my Buddy

Addison loves having her evening bath! But the best thing of all is her new favorite bath toy! She loves washing his hair and scrubbing that cute little tummy.
Bath time makes for some great blackmail shots for later in life!!
AKA: "Oops. Addison just wash his tummy sweetie! Oh...well...ummm...ahhh...they're only little."

I won't post that pic. But, let's just say that Addison hasn't really figured out yet that his is much different from hers...

If I only knew then...

what I know now!!
I though being the mom to one was SOOOOOO busy! HA!!
One was a  breeze compared to life with 2!!
I call it the 3 Ps of parenting. Pee, poop and puke.
If one child is not doing one of those three than the other is!! It is an endless cycle of the 3 Ps. I am just happy when a day passes and my clothes aren't covered with one of the Ps.
Ok, who am I kidding, a whole day? Really I am happy when 1 hour passes and I'm not covered with one of those!
Anyways, this really is just  precursor as to why I haven't blogged lately.
Ok. Momma's got to play catch up.
Be prepared to head back to pics from the fall!
This blog is as much a "scrapbook" of memories for the kids as it is to keep friends and family updated. Hope you don't mind a trip back to the future!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Babe and her Belly...button...

Some little ones have blankies, other use soothers, some like their thumbs or find stuffies soothing. But our babe...she likes her thumb and her belly button. 
We don't know how it started or why but when Addison needs a little comforting she sucks ner thumb and sticks her finger in her belly button.

The belly button is such a necessity that if she can't access it, there is some serious tears and drama! "My belly!! I need my belly".  Regular shirts allow the easiest access. Skirts and dresses are simply hiked up.  However, winter coats and carseat straps pose a serious problem.
When we asked the doctor if this is normal, he response was, "I've seen this before, I think...". Not very reassuring.
All I can say is that I hope she grows out of it at some point...

What I'm Thankful For...

When you ask someone what they are thankful for they will often say their health, their home and their family. When you ask Addison what she would like to give thanks for she says her chairs, her curtains, her books and her baby David.
I am thankful for all of the above. But mostly I am thankful for the honour of being the mom of such a beautiful daughter.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Upon seeing Georgian Bay for the First Time - "That's a big puddle!"
Macaroni is "Crackaroni"
Hamburgers are "Hang-ga-bers"
"This is my pool" - When talking about Pine Lake (the cottage)
Answers any, and almost all, questions with: "Because yes" and "Because no"
The seashells in her fish tank are "Shelves"
Loves to tell people "You're my best friend"